Travel Size Needs and Feelings Cards


We are pleased to announce our new evidence based tools. These travel size cards are available in two styles. While similarly sized, one deck offers a more rugged design for kids of all ages.

Would you like to improve communication in all of your interactions? Do you struggle with understanding the motivations of others? How do we identify what we need in a stressful moment? How do we maintain our professionalism, the dignity of those we work with when experiencing conflict or stress?



“Before going into a meeting, I always use the cards to assess what the people on the other side of the table need and feel. Previous to my [individual] work with Jamie and discovery of the cards, I was seen as a “bull in a china shop” who got things done but often left a wake. This tool changed all that. I’ve learned to also consider what I want and need in a given interaction so that I can be self-aware during the interaction and utilize emotional intelligence rather than be reactive. This model has completely changed my work and personal communication style and I consistently experience success while maintaining positive relationships. So simple and so helpful. Thank you.” – Law Enforcement Executive

What can these cards do for you and your team?

Help you improve communication in all of your interactions.

Understand the motivations of others.

Identify what you need in a stressful moment.

Maintain professionalism and the dignity of those we work with when experiencing conflict or stress.

Work with angry or traumatized public contacts, many diverse CBOs, confrontational others, incarcerated minors and adults, direct confrontation with coworkers and our significant others.

Evidence Based Tools: Abraham Maslow teaches us how to assess the needs in these challenging situations in his famous Hierarchy of Needs. If you have attended one of Jamie’s courses, you have experienced, first hand, the fascinating, revolutionary and sometimes fun connections that occur when using these cards to identify needs and thereby, the solutions to complex issues.

“I wish someone would have taught me this in grade school. I would have had a different life.” -JCO

Case Studies & Treatment Plans: Jamie was recently called in as a consultant to probation executives dealing with a child so traumatized by sexual abuse that he would not stop screaming in the juvenile hall setting. This situation was profoundly disturbing to supervision staff and was creating secondary trauma to the juvenile corrections officers and other minors in the unit. Jamie was able to identify his needs and work with the team to create a solution. This simple deck of cards is now part of the tools used by that group.

Staff Training: In light of SB1143, corrections staff will need skills to maintain the balance in the institution while also maintaining safety and security. These tools speak directly to that need.

Law Enforcement Feedback From the STC Classroom: These cards are used during most of our courses to better understand a challenging workplace dynamic, communication issue with a child or spouse, client, superior, peer or subordinate. Staff consistently comment on the simplicity and versatility of the tool. We heard your request to make them available for purchase at an affordable price and we are pleased to offer them here.

Product Description: Due to the popularity of the cards, we decided to create two travel size decks so that the cards can be available to you any time you need. These cards slip easily into a briefcase or purse and we wanted to create affordable products that offer immediately improved communication in all of your relationships. You will find increased emotional intelligence and self awareness.

ICT gratefully credits Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg and Dr. Abraham Maslow.

Everything we do is an attempt to meet a need.
– Marshall Rosenberg, Father of Non Violent Communication


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