Allyship in the Workplace

    Island Consulting and Training is Proud to Present:

    Allyship in the Workplace:

    Learn and Practice Skills that can be used to Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    STC # 00330648

    “This class expanded my way of thinking and communicating. It was the perfect mix of thought-provoking content, repetition, and practice to make sure that we took away real skills. [The] workshop really challenged me to grow, and at the same time, was enjoyable … Your energy is contagious. Amazingly, you created a safe and enjoyable space for people to really challenge themselves and grow.” – Attorney, Laguna Beach

    Course Description: Many organizations have taken action to bolster their profiles in the areas of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. This course will give participants the information and skills they need to help to support these efforts within their workplace. Participants will begin by building a vocabulary around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants will explore their own social identity and biases and learn how these can impact interpersonal interactions–consciously and unconsciously. Participants will also explore the common impulse to avoid or shut down difficult conversations regarding issues that impact marginalized communities, including but not limited to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, language, and/or immigration status. Instead, participants will explore what it might look like if we chose to step into an allyship role and engage in them instead. This will include practicing ways of listening deeply and sharing their own beliefs based on core values and possible common ground (rather than on attacking the other’s position). And it will include exploring the mindfulness and self-awareness necessary to ground this practice and find balance when hearing something painful or triggering.

    Course Objectives: At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Define the terms justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, and allyship;
    • Describe their own social identity and biases, and the impact those can have on their interactions;
    • List two skills for speaking inclusively about racialized and other marginalized communities and other challenging topics;
    • Describe one way to listen even when people say things that are hard to hear;
    • List two ways to hold their own reactions with compassion and acceptance;
    • Define two ways to show up as an ally for marginalized communities.

    Course Length: 4 hours

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