Since having this training [Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management], the morale change within the department was immediately visible, and I have received numerous requests to bring Ms. McDermott back for additional training. By far, this has been the best training I have attended in the past ten years. You will not be disappointed!

    Training Manager

    Island Consulting & Training [delivered] an [Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management] class for 95 of our … Department’s supervisors and managers. As a Training Manager, I expect the best training for our staff and Ms. Donna McDermott exceeded my standards.

    I cannot recommend Island Consulting more highly. Staff internalized the material, demonstrated their understanding of the information and were able to present the material to the class. The excitement generated by the instructor and our staff was remarkable. This is our second three day leadership seminar. The results were, again, outstanding.

    Deputy Chief/Training Manager - Three Day Leadership Seminar

    During the past six months, I have worked closely with Ms. McDermott, who provided extensive training for our department. She provided team-building training for the management team and ethics training to all line staff. She also provided technical assistance in the area of arming and was especially helpful to me in creating new policies and procedures for the department. Ms. McDermott is very dedicated to the field of probation and has an outstanding work ethic.

    Chief Probation Officer

    During our recent restructure, staff told me that your leadership seminar gave them the courage and tools to step up and take a leadership role. The seminar profoundly changed our workplace.

    Chief Probation Officer

    It must be immensely gratifying to facilitate the degree of growth and interpersonal insight in people I observed in the three days you spent with us.


    I … have heard nothing but great things since your training and more important have heard a different interactive tone from co-workers in their view of their work world, their place in it, and … their desired place in it. It really is remarkable.


    I came to [ICT’s three day Leadership Seminar] expecting the same old, same old. I was shocked to not only find myself loving the course but learning things about my work community that I had never even considered. My outlook towards each person has changed and the things I learned about myself made a powerful impact on my life, paths, and choices that are now, crystal clear. Now, I will make those choices based on conscious decisions. My eyes are wide open!


    I was assigned to take [ICT’s three day] Leadership Seminar … it was without a doubt, the best training that I have attended in my 19 years with this department. Ms. McDermott had keen insight into the future of this department and challenged us to share in that vision. Not only did we have the challenge of looking at our careers, and our fit in the future here, but we had a team building experience that will enhance our ability to work together as a team. We all left the training with a renewed hope for the future of our department and the role that we play in it…


    Ms. McDermott is a high achieving individual with a work ethic that is unmatched. She has outstanding public speaking, coaching, and training skills. … but I think her most valuable assets are her unwavering positive attitude and solid leadership skills. She exudes a positive attitude that is contagious to others and … led to a team approach and a can do attitude when confronted with challenges. I have seen few that have her level of skill in this area.

    Division Chief
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