Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management: STC #03907-040314

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    Ethics is a perishable skill and risk management experts recommend that all staff attend ethics training every two to three years.

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    Course Description: This experiential course is designed to introduce the participant to the Ethical Decision Making Model of Terry Cooper, Ph.D. In this interactive course, students will learn and apply the sequence of steps required to make ethical decisions that comply with Departmental Policies and Procedures. Students will also apply Gordon Graham’s Risk Management Model and learn how to use discretionary time to advantage.

    By using these models in a classroom setting, the participant will have the opportunity to apply the use of a “Risk Management Perspective.” Additionally, the participant will learn to think critically within the range of alternative solutions to a given problem, study the results of his/her actions, and create a competent “moral imagination” which results in the participant being able to make difficult decisions in a variety of circumstances.

    At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Explain and apply Cooper’s Ethical Decision Making Model to four specific situations
    • List the different parts of the Decision Making Model including moral rules, ethical principles, rehearsal of defenses, anticipatory self-appraisal, and violations of policy and procedure
    • Explain how to select a viable course of action using Cooper’s Model
    • Explain and apply Gordon Graham’s Risk Management Model to a specific situation
    • Define decision-making traps, moral imagination, and the varied approaches to decision making

    Cost Benefit Analysis: The average lawsuit awarded in connection with poor decision-making by law enforcement is $499,825 per case whereas the maximum cost of evidence-based, STC Certified Ethics training by ICT is $150 per student.

    Current Issues Facing Law Enforcement: The stressors in our current political and social environments require a new set of skills. This course brings to participants the latest research in neurobiological stress responses and most importantly, teaches participants ways to manage those responses in situations that present extreme risk to all levels of staff such as circumstances that involve a conflict of interest or require use of force.

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    “Now I understand current police shootings: the science behind it and how to prevent it through training. This should be mandatory training. Charismatic, motivational instructor … most thought-provoking class I’ve ever taken.” -Police Sergeant

    Instructor Specialization: Jamie Wolf’s completed master’s level training in the field of Ethics and Risk Management.

    Our Ethical Decision Making and Risk Management course consistently receives outstanding reviews. Our course has been delivered to all staff in ten California county probation departments, to Sheriff’s custody facilities, police leadership teams, prison executive teams, sworn and non-sworn personnel.

    ICT has presented the material in this course through both one-on-one mentoring and larger training sessions with as many as 100 managers in attendance. No matter the size of your organization, ICT can provide you with the essential and requisite information to improve the decision-making processes that impact your organization on a daily basis.

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