Motivational Interviewing STC #03907-075155

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    “Excellent course! Great techniques and skills to help keep us motivated and passionate about our jobs. Reminds me that I am on the right path, and has given me more tools for my tool belt. I really liked the Five Bold Steps tool which I will utilize immediately.” Program Manager

    Probation staff are charged with the immense tasks of community protection and offender rehabilitation.  In order to create the most positive impact possible, it is imperative that probation staff understand the real-life challenges that probationers face when it comes to creating long-lasting, effective change in their lives.  It is also critical that probation staff learn how to successfully motivate and actively participate in each probationer’s rehabilitation. This course not only teaches staff how to optimize rehabilitative outcomes, but also how to implement evidence-based practices to overcome the oft-experienced ambivalence of probationers when tasked by the court to change their lives.

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    “It was extremely helpful to be able to practice in the classroom. We should have this class before we begin supervising caseloads.”

    -Deputy Probation Officer

    At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

    a) List the ethical considerations involved in MI

    b) Describe the role of values in MI

    c) List the components of effective MI in criminal justice settings

    d) List the components of the “spirit of MI”

    e) List and demonstrate the four general principles of MI

    f) List the four elements of client resistant behavior

    g) List the techniques for building motivation for change (Phases I and II)

    h) List and demonstrate the components of the OARS communication model

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    “This was a great class and it really touches on an area within the job that can have a huge impact. Extremely helpful!” JCO

    This evidence-based course is appropriate for any staff members that actively supervise caseloads of juveniles or adults in custody or in the field. ICT recommends that this course be taught to any and all new staff members.

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