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    Jamie Wolf McDermott, MPPA is a sociologist, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, public speaker & facilitator who builds comedy into intellectual, philosophical and leadership topics. She lives on a five- acre farm on a beautiful island in the pacific temperate rain forest of North America.

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    Jamie is the founder and CEO of two thriving training businesses; one that serves law enforcement and social services organizations, Island Consulting & Training®. Jamie utilizes her certification as a Life Mastery Consultant in her second business, Tribe 525®, to help individuals, families and civilian groups thrive and build lives that they absolutely love living. During her career in law enforcement, she garnered expertise in exceptional leadership models within restorative justice and public safety environments. She has enjoyed the privilege of creating exceptional learning environments for at-risk-youth in custody settings and adults within colleges, public service organizations, and law enforcement departments for over 25 years.

    Ms. McDermott provides superb education on a wide variety of subjects including ethical decision making; creating organizational and personal vision and mission statements; is a communication expert and loves working with and teaching about trauma informed care; interpersonal neurobiological responses to stress; emotional reactivity/activation and subsequent outcomes related to harmful cognitive and behavioral outcomes (excessive use of force); risk management; diversity; communication competencies; conflict management; leadership concepts; and other vital workplace and personal topics. Jamie has been called a “communication Ninja” and her courses consistently deliver relevant and evidence-based training.

    “Her ability to make complex, sensitive material accessible and engaging to her audiences” is both widely recognized and unwaveringly lauded. She is a sought after Keynote Speaker and large event facilitator for law enforcement, community based organizations, social services organizations and schools. She regularly leads seminars in the private sector as well and works with families, individuals and is a coach to coaches. Due to her expertise in curriculum development and the creation of exceptional adult learning environments and her wide ranging appeal to diverse audiences, Jamie is the Keynote and/or leading sessions at five major events during the 2019/2020 training year including CAPIA, TMS, Well-Being, Disciples of Christ Christian Church (Las Vegas) and a “Special Populations Seminar” designed for 300 Social Workers.

    Ms. McDermott holds significant experience holding leadership roles in numerous capacities within restorative justice and public safety environments. Her practical experience has given her the necessary insight to become an exceptional educator on these subject matters. Her experience includes working many years as a Probation Officer where she managed and supervised units of up to 32 sworn officers, successfully implemented numerous large-scale, highly effective, evidence based programs, and served as the Training Manager for over 600 employees. She was the Use of Force Expert for her department, authored the Use of Force Policy that is still in effect today, and served as both an OC and Defensive Tactics Instructor, for which she received special recognition for exceptional service. In addition, Ms. McDermott holds lifetime certification as FBI trained Rangemaster and was a certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu G.R.A.P.L.E instructor. She is a master instructor and has trained hundreds of in-house instructors. Her specialized United States Department of Justice training includes the core areas of Training Management, Leadership Development, and Firearms Instruction.

    Ms. McDermott is constantly seeking avenues to advance her own learning in order to provide her students with the most up-to-date, cutting edge, evidence-based training programs available. Since 2014, Ms. McDermott has completed over 500 hours of training specific to conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, treating trauma, trauma informed care, creation of organizational visions and competent communication. She is committed to providing the most current, experiential material to her students. Her dedication and passion for the subject matter is further evidenced by the consistent praise she receives from her students who routinely applaud her for her charismatic, humorous, learner-centered approach.

    Ms. McDermott holds a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from California Lutheran University, where her thesis and project work focused on Developing Leadership Competencies in Public Safety Organizations, Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management, and Development & Implementation of Evidence-Based Programming in Juvenile Justice Settings. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology and Corrections from California State University, Northridge.


    Cynthia Cotton is the Training Coordinator for Island Consulting & Training®

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    Ms. Cotton was born and raised in East Oakland during the civil unrest of the 1960’s.
    She is a graduate of Skyline High School in Oakland, California (Class of 1974) and
    remembers being bused to high school her first two years while attending Skyline.During the course of her 40+ years of employment, she has held many professional
    positions with various employers such as Pacific Bell, United Artists Theatres, UCSF
    and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

    Cynthia proudly began her career with the Alameda County Probation Department in
    2013. She started in the DARRT Unit (Data Analysis Research and Reporting Team). A
    year later, she transferred to the ACPD Training Unit and was assistant to the Training
    Manager. After several years with the Training Unit, she was promoted to the position of
    Secretary II to the Chief Department Human Resources Administrator before retiring in

    Cynthia is a member of the Alameda County Employees Retiree Association (ACERA)
    and a member of the Retired Employees of Alameda County (REAC).

    Cynthia is honored to be a part of the ICT Team where she began working with Jamie in
    May 2019. She considers herself to be a life-long learner. Her vision for ICT is to create
    a culture of learning and professional development for law enforcement professionals to
    include developing, planning, organizing, and implementing training courses, tools and
    resources to assist ICT in its mission to serve public safety organizations that are
    committed to building competencies and a plan for ongoing success in personnel, sworn
    and non-sworn.

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