Jamie has deep, deep knowledge of how to build teams, communicate in ways that work for everyone and is a highly skilled facilitator. I gained many new tools and frameworks to help me improve my relationships at work and in my personal life. As a team, we up-leveled our communication skills and our commitment to our success. – Executive Manager

    Jamie is a communication  and professional relationship ninja! I learned a communication tool, a way of thinking about workplace relationships in every moment during the workshop. – Private Sector I.T. Executive

    We are very pleased with the outcomes of this developmental training and it is a pleasure to hear staff talking about, and more importantly, practicing what they learned.  I highly recommend Island Consulting & Training and the evaluations from my staff support this endorsement of superior training.  Ms. McDermott customized our training to meet our specific needs, and I am aware that she has customized training for a number of Probation Departments.  Ms. McDermott is a talented instructor, facilitator, and trainer and we are looking forward to having her work with us on other training ventures.

    Chief Probation Officer

    Ms. McDermott, … facilitated a three day Executive Seminar for our department.  The training was exceptional and a profound team-building experience. Because of the overwhelming success of the seminar, we extended the training to all of our leadership team, including first line supervisors in the field and institutions. The training included Leadership Competencies, Competent Communication, Ethics and Risk Management. The training received very positive reviews, so we invited Ms. McDermott back to provide Ethics and Risk Management training for all of our sworn and non-sworn staff.

    Chief Probation Officer

    Now I understand current police shootings: the science behind it and how to prevent it through training. This should be mandatory training. Charismatic, motivational instructor … most thought provoking class I’ve ever taken.

    Police Sergeant

    Understanding the learning process beginning with unconscious incompetence was extremely useful to me. This helps me to better evaluate and understand the training needs of different staff. Great tool.

    Prison Executive

    This seminar provided real tools that I can take back and implement immediately to create change. The information about old brain/new brain (neurobiological responses) to fear was amazing and I can take that back to make officers and the public safer. It gives me hope with all that is happening with police shootings. We can fix this and now, I know how.

    Sheriff Lieutenant

    Hands down, best instructor I’ve had in my career. As a Supervisor, I love hearing the custody staff talking about the class and what they learned. This is my third class with [Ms. McDermott] and she rocked it again. I am actively using the realistic, simple and effective tools I have learned and can’t wait until I can take another one of her classes.

    Probation Supervisor - Juvenile Institution

    After your [Motivational Interviewing and Training for Trainers] courses, I made a connection with the kids for the first time while teaching. I feel effective for the first time in my job. Thank you.

    Corrections Officer

    … As a seasoned, professional facilitator, Ms. McDermott presented and demonstrated the core values of integrity, courage, honesty & trustworthiness. She demonstrated that ethics can be modeled, chosen, distinguished and applied. We learned that it is a decision available each day; so each day, we have an option and an opportunity to make a different choice. Additionally, she verbalized and described some of the root causes of fear/addiction; she classified one of the leading, underlying causes that prevents ethics from being a chosen response … This class changed the quality of my life & work!

    Management Team Building Seminar Participant
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