Jamie, I really appreciate your spirit and personality. I always walk away from your classes a richer person.


    This course has truly opened my eyes to how my actions may have a direct or indirect effect on people whether intentional or unintentional (conscious or unconscious). The course materials was excellent and I believe can be beneficial to everyone in the department whether dealing (interacting) with co-workers in the office or in the field with probationers and the public.

    I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in your training…I feel I have grown so much personally and professionally through your sessions over the last several weeks.

    You are an amazing teacher, facilitator and consultant. I appreciate the wealth of thought-provoking information you shared with us and the discussions you lead.

    This is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever participated in!

    Jamie, thank you so much for your wisdom, expertise, sharing and questions.

    Over my 16-year career I have honestly never attended a training, that was taught by a Probation Officer, that was solely focused on helping us deal with our own mental health and resiliency. I have attended thousands of hours of training, and none of them really hit home like some of the things you discussed today. Over my career I have been in every assignment in Probation, including working in the Juvenile Hall, Juvenile Probation, Courts, Alternative Sentencing, Adult Jail, supervised general probation cases, and supervised PRCS and 290s. It was not until I left my special assignment that I realized how much my career has dramatically changed me and unfortunately negatively affected the relationships with my loved ones. I was always the one saying, that won’t happen to me, but unfortunately it did.
    The reason why I even bring this up, is I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for the training you are doing and thank you for having the passion you have.

    Supervising DPO

    … I attended [two of] your [live on-line] classes this week. … your classes were the most significant and informative classes I’ve attended since being employed as a JIO in my 21 year career. Thank you. … Thanks again, GREAT CLASSES!! Keep up the good and Meaningful work.

    By far, the best training I have attended during my 22 year career in law enforcement.

    Division Chief

    Thank you so much for always providing our department with the outstanding training that you share with our staff. The Leadership Academy was no different, I was approached on several occasions by some of the staff attending the Leadership Academy and heard nothing but positive comments on how much they were enjoying their leadership training!!

    Love the tools provided and also love the way Jamie paints pictures with words and provides meaningful examples.

    Thank you for opening my eyes!

    I love listening to Jamie speak. Jamie provides real life scenarios from direct experience in law enforcement that cause us to think. Jamie’s stories and wisdom are something that make their classes enjoyable. I really enjoyed learning about implicit bias.

    Phenomenal seminar! We need more of this.

    Amazing class! I learned many new skills … . Jamie’s humor and energy made the class exciting. This should be a mandatory class for all staff at the department. Jamie is an excellent instructor.

    Division Director

    One of the most thought provoking and self reflective trainings I have [participated in]. [I am] definitely leaving feeling inspired.” ” Best training I’ve had.” “Made me believe in myself and [my] qualities. I know now what I must do to be a great leader.” “I am grateful I got this opportunity to invest in my self and learn things I will use to continue to grow.” “I truly enjoyed learning about myself and the way I learn and the areas I can grow. Thank you for showing interest in who we really area as individuals.” “Took away so many valuable lessons. Thank you so much for everything you do.” “Jamie is great!! Awesome!! Made people come out of their comfort zone and that helped me have more confidence in myself. Thank you, Jamie.

    Graduates of Leadership Seminar

    … my department has been sending me to your trainings for over a year now, and I have found them extremely helpful not just in my professional life but in my personal life as well. It makes me happy that I work for a department that PAYS me to attend your trainings, which is something I can’t quite believe as I’m sure training of this caliber isn’t cheap. I just wanted to give you kudos for the great work you do. Thank you.

    Deputy Probation Officer, BATO Region

    Now I understand current police shootings: the science behind it and how to prevent it through training. This should be mandatory training. Charismatic, motivational instructor … most thought provoking class I’ve ever taken.

    Police Sergeant

    This seminar provided real tools that I can take back and implement immediately to create change. The information about old brain/new brain (neurobiological responses) to fear was amazing and I can take that back to make officers and the public safer. It gives me hope with all that is happening with police shootings. We can fix this and now, I know how.

    Sheriff Lieutenant

    Dear Jamie Wolf,

    On behalf of the Justice In The Classroom team, I want to thank you for leading a workshop at the 2021 OUHSD Equity Conference. Your willingness to share your time and expertise in the area of Non Violent Communication was critical to the success of this event. Within 50 minutes, you virtually conveyed a piece of knowledge that we, with no doubt, know have a lasting impact on every staffer, educator, and student who attended.

    As a student team, we worked closely with the OUHSD District officials who planned the event to ensure that the conference would be the best it could be, focusing especially on the quality of discussed topics and scope of the panels and workshops. Importantly, we wanted to recruit standout speakers that would not only share their experiences with diversity and equity, but also impart attendees with actionable takeaways to incorporate into their own equity journeys. We are so grateful to have worked closely with you and other outstanding speakers throughout the planning process, and we appreciate the time and effort you put into the creation of your workshop. We hope that the work of conference speakers inspires the District to continue providing space and opportunities for these important discussions to persist.

    We wanted to share with you some positive responses to our end-of-conference survey regarding your workshop that we found especially touching and powerful.

    “They were extremely passionate and professional! I would go to one of their workshops again.”

    “This speaker was amazing and I believe our district should work more closely with them.”

    “GREAT tools and handouts. Tons of resources and direction as to what to do next to learn more. Liked the easy tools for conversations.”

    As you can see, your personal testimonies and illuminating teachings have had an intangible impact on the conference attendees. We hope that they use your words to better our school campuses, classrooms, and offices, and we thank you for your generosity in inciting the change through courageous conversations.

    Thank you so much, again, for your participation in the 2021 OUHSD Equity Conference and for your support in our student-led charge to champion educational equity.

    Oxnard Union High School District

    Jamie has deep, deep knowledge of how to build teams, communicate in ways that work for everyone and is a highly skilled facilitator. I gained many new tools and frameworks to help me improve my relationships at work and in my personal life. As a team, we up-leveled our communication skills and our commitment to our success. – Executive Manager

    Jamie is a communication and professional relationship ninja! I learned a communication tool, a way of thinking about workplace relationships in every moment during the workshop. – Private Sector I.T. Executive

    We are very pleased with the outcomes of this developmental training and it is a pleasure to hear staff talking about, and more importantly, practicing what they learned.  I highly recommend Island Consulting & Training and the evaluations from my staff support this endorsement of superior training.  Jamie Wolf customized our training to meet our specific needs, and I am aware that they have customized training for a number of Probation Departments.  Wolf is a talented instructor, facilitator, and trainer and we are looking forward to having them work with us on other training ventures.

    Chief Probation Officer

    Jamie, … facilitated a three day Executive Seminar for our department.  The training was exceptional and a profound team-building experience. Because of the overwhelming success of the seminar, we extended the training to all of our leadership team, including first line supervisors in the field and institutions. The training included Leadership Competencies, Competent Communication, Ethics and Risk Management. The training received very positive reviews, so we invited Wolf back to provide Ethics and Risk Management training for all of our sworn and non-sworn staff.

    Chief Probation Officer

    Understanding the learning process beginning with unconscious incompetence was extremely useful to me. This helps me to better evaluate and understand the training needs of different staff. Great tool.

    Prison Executive

    This seminar provided real tools that I can take back and implement immediately to create change. The information about old brain/new brain (neurobiological responses) to fear was amazing and I can take that back to make officers and the public safer. It gives me hope with all that is happening with police shootings. We can fix this and now, I know how.

    Sheriff Lieutenant

    Now I understand current police shootings: the science behind it and how to prevent it through training. This should be mandatory training. Charismatic, motivational instructor … most thought provoking class I’ve ever taken.

    Police Sergeant

    Hands down, best instructor I’ve had in my career. As a Supervisor, I love hearing the custody staff talking about the class and what they learned. This is my third class with [Jamie] and they rocked it again. I am actively using the realistic, simple and effective tools I have learned and can’t wait until I can take another one of Wolf’s classes.

    Probation Supervisor - Juvenile Institution

    After your [Motivational Interviewing and Training for Trainers] courses, I made a connection with the kids for the first time while teaching. I feel effective for the first time in my job. Thank you.

    Corrections Officer

    … As a seasoned, professional facilitator, Jamie presented and demonstrated the core values of integrity, courage, honesty & trustworthiness. Wolf demonstrated that ethics can be modeled, chosen, distinguished and applied. We learned that it is a decision available each day; so each day, we have an option and an opportunity to make a different choice. Additionally, Jamie verbalized and described some of the root causes of fear/addiction; and classified one of the leading, underlying causes that prevents ethics from being a chosen response … This class changed the quality of my life & work!

    Management Team Building Seminar Participant

    Since having this training [Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management], the morale change within the department was immediately visible, and I have received numerous requests to bring Jamie back for additional training. By far, this has been the best training I have attended in the past ten years. You will not be disappointed!

    Training Manager

    Island Consulting & Training [delivered] an [Ethical Decision Making & Risk Management] class for 95 of our … Department’s supervisors and managers. As a Training Manager, I expect the best training for our staff and Jamie Wolf exceeded my standards.

    I cannot recommend Island Consulting more highly. Staff internalized the material, demonstrated their understanding of the information and were able to present the material to the class. The excitement generated by the instructor and our staff was remarkable. This is our second three day leadership seminar. The results were, again, outstanding.

    Deputy Chief/Training Manager - Three Day Leadership Seminar

    During the past six months, I have worked closely with Jamie, who provided extensive training for our department. Wolf provided team-building training for the management team and ethics training to all line staff. Jamie also provided technical assistance in the area of arming and was especially helpful to me in creating new policies and procedures for the department. Jamie Wolf is very dedicated to the field of probation and has an outstanding work ethic.

    Chief Probation Officer

    During our recent restructure, staff told me that your leadership seminar gave them the courage and tools to step up and take a leadership role. The seminar profoundly changed our workplace.

    Chief Probation Officer

    It must be immensely gratifying to facilitate the degree of growth and interpersonal insight in people I observed in the three days you spent with us.


    I … have heard nothing but great things since your training and more important have heard a different interactive tone from co-workers in their view of their work world, their place in it, and … their desired place in it. It really is remarkable.


    I came to [ICT’s three day Leadership Seminar] expecting the same old, same old. I was shocked to not only find myself loving the course but learning things about my work community that I had never even considered. My outlook towards each person has changed and the things I learned about myself made a powerful impact on my life, paths, and choices that are now, crystal clear. Now, I will make those choices based on conscious decisions. My eyes are wide open!


    I was assigned to take [ICT’s three day] Leadership Seminar … it was without a doubt, the best training that I have attended in my 19 years with this department. Jamie Wolf had keen insight into the future of this department and challenged us to share in that vision. Not only did we have the challenge of looking at our careers, and our fit in the future here, but we had a team building experience that will enhance our ability to work together as a team. We all left the training with a renewed hope for the future of our department and the role that we play in it…


    Jamie Wolf is a high achieving individual with a work ethic that is unmatched. Jamie has outstanding public speaking, coaching, and training skills. … but I think their most valuable assets are their unwavering positive attitude and solid leadership skills. Jamie exudes a positive attitude that is contagious to others and … led to a team approach and a can do attitude when confronted with challenges. I have seen few that have Wolf’s level of skill in this area.

    Division Chief

    Our department has struggled with meetings for years. They have been so bad, for so long, that people simply refuse to come. Therefore, our ability to disperse critical information is crippled. During this training, we found ourselves looking at one another and lights went on all over the room for our managers. It is so simple yet we have not had these tools before. During the class, we formulated a new meeting agenda template and are actually excited about our next meeting! The class was also a lot of fun, an added bonus. Thank you!


    This is critical information for those seeking promotion and those doing the promoting. Our department discovered that we were lacking those who had skills in two critical competence areas while we were overloaded in one particular area. This explained why we were failing in recruitment and retention and pointed to a serious failure in terms of honoring diversity. Because of these findings, our management team has worked to change this dynamic beginning immediately. Thank you for this class!

    Deputy Chief

    I don’t make these claims in the abstract; I make them after having seen the results …. I have observed the results in the courtroom, I have had the opportunity to speak directly with the kids in the program, and I have happily heard of many success stories after they have completed the Compass Program and left the detention center.

    Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court

    It only takes a few minutes with Jamie to recognize their intelligence, enthusiasm, dedication, and love for their work. Wolf employs the admirable combination of firm structure and compassionate caring.

    Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court

    Jamie’s positive spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for involving staff at every level and throughout the process promoted a sense of ownership in those who had begun to grow disheartened under new pressures. With renewed vigor, increasingly more staff invested their energy under Wolf’s leadership and coaching style.

    Program Manager
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