… I attended [two of] your [live on-line] classes this week. … your classes were the most significant and informative classes I’ve attended since being employed as a JIO in my 21 year career. Thank you. … Thanks again, GREAT CLASSES!! Keep up the good and Meaningful work.

    By far, the best training I have attended during my 22 year career in law enforcement.

    Division Chief

    Thank you so much for always providing our department with the outstanding training that you share with our staff. The Leadership Academy was no different, I was approached on several occasions by some of the staff attending the Leadership Academy and heard nothing but positive comments on how much they were enjoying their leadership training!!

    Love the tools provided and also love the way Jamie paints pictures with words and provides meaningful examples.

    Thank you for opening my eyes!

    I love listening to Jamie speak. Jamie provides real life scenarios from direct experience in law enforcement that cause us to think. Jamie’s stories and wisdom are something that make their classes enjoyable. I really enjoyed learning about implicit bias.

    Phenomenal seminar! We need more of this.

    Amazing class! I learned many new skills … . Jamie’s humor and energy made the class exciting. This should be a mandatory class for all staff at the department. Jamie is an excellent instructor.

    Division Director

    One of the most thought provoking and self reflective trainings I have [participated in]. [I am] definitely leaving feeling inspired.” ” Best training I’ve had.” “Made me believe in myself and [my] qualities. I know now what I must do to be a great leader.” “I am grateful I got this opportunity to invest in my self and learn things I will use to continue to grow.” “I truly enjoyed learning about myself and the way I learn and the areas I can grow. Thank you for showing interest in who we really area as individuals.” “Took away so many valuable lessons. Thank you so much for everything you do.” “Jamie is great!! Awesome!! Made people come out of their comfort zone and that helped me have more confidence in myself. Thank you, Jamie.

    Graduates of Leadership Seminar

    … my department has been sending me to your trainings for over a year now, and I have found them extremely helpful not just in my professional life but in my personal life as well. It makes me happy that I work for a department that PAYS me to attend your trainings, which is something I can’t quite believe as I’m sure training of this caliber isn’t cheap. I just wanted to give you kudos for the great work you do. Thank you.

    Deputy Probation Officer, BATO Region
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