Exceptional Customer Service for Non-Sworn Professional Staff

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    Professional Development Series: Course I

    Exceptional Customer Service for Non-Sworn Professional Staff

    Many of the problems we encounter in the workplace are the result of poor interpersonal communication. Whether we are frustrated by misunderstandings, a lack of information or worrying about how to handle a critical conversation, communication is often at the root of the issue – and – the solution. By learning how to communicate more effectively, we can stop problems from escalating and create a more efficient and harmonious workplace environment. We can also present ourselves more positively, both to colleagues, clients, and professional partners such as community-based organizations.

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    “Jamie has a distinct skill for understanding the nuances of interactive communication. He taught me how changing simple behaviors and words would transform my ability to create rapport, trust and efficiency.  These modifications have fundamentally changed my interactions at work and at home.”

    Course Description:  This experiential course is designed to introduce the participant to the intricacies of exceptional customer service. Participants will learn and apply the sequence of steps required to communicate in an effective and efficient manner.

    Participants will learn the four building blocks required to communicate effectively and clearly. They are, showing up as one’s personal best, listening carefully, understanding and being understood. During this course, participants will explore the research behind effective communication practices to help the participant refine their communication skills — and be sure that their intended message is heard. The evidence-based tool of reflective listening will be utilized and practiced throughout to sharpen skills during conversations and everyday interactions.

    Course Objectives: At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Utilize professional greetings, welcoming words, body language, and eye contact;
    • Utilize reflective listening to convey that they heard what the client or colleague said;
    • Name the three steps of reflective listening;
    • Confirm that they have resolved the situation or how the follow-up will work;
    • Demonstrate three sample statements that can convey understanding and a willingness to help;
    • List two ways that they can reflect on current personal communication skills and how these can be developed more fully.

    Course Length: 8 hours

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