Generational Diversity: STC #03907-045038

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    Instructor Specialization: Ms. McDermott received a master’s level education in this subject area.

    The ability to competently communicate and work with the diverse generations in your workplace is key to the success of your organization. The values of these groups differ greatly and can cause significant problems in a work setting if each group does not understand the other. This course introduces the participant to four generational groups and their respective sets of values.

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    This course differs from other classes of this type in that it delves deeper into the issues by exploring the Decade Model, the stages of value development, recruitment and retention issues related to generational diversity, and the requirements necessary for each generational group to reach their full potential in the workplace. Leadership skills, training, performance reviews, and mentoring are key elements necessary to understand this topic and will be explored thoroughly throughout the course of this class. This highly interactive course uses each participant’s process of self-discovery to develop an enhanced understanding of how to optimize working with divergent generations.

    At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

    a) Identify how the concept of 360 degree leadership applies to this topic;
    b) List the three stages of value development;
    c) List the eight areas of influence according to Massey, Ph.D.;
    d) Name the four generational groups currently in the workplace;
    e) List four key events that shaped the value sets of each generation;
    f) Define the decade model and explain how it relates to the student and the organization;
    g) List two effects the failure to understand generational diversity can have on the department’s ability to recruit and retain the best workforce.

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