Mission, Vision to Objectives & Implementation Workshop

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    Cert. Number: 3907-79656

    Course Summary:
    The single most important leadership activity is to develop a mission statement according to Steven Covey. A leader must have a solid personal compass or s/he will be tossed about by emotions, fears, popular opinion (right or wrong) and be unable to lead effectively. This “back to basics” course walks the participant and/or department through the process of developing a mission and vision statement that is in line with the mission statement that counts.

    Performance Objectives:
    a) Identify individual and departmental strengths and growth areas in terms of 32 Leadership Competencies – National Institute of Corrections
    b) list the order of the best questions to ask during a process
    c) create a “who I need to be” statement
    d) list the five steps of the “Mastermind Activation State Process”
    e) develop SMART Goals for each initiative or identified objective
    f) present personal Vision and Mission Statements to class

    Instructor Specialty:
    Jamie has specific experience developing evidence based, successful large and small programs and implementing those programs in law enforcement environments. Jamie has received training over 20 years in this specific area beginning with the National Institute of Corrections/Department of Justice in the area of leadership development and program design for juvenile institutions. One program they designed and implemented reduced incident reports by 54%. This resulted in a dramatic increase in programming and a large decrease in recidivism. Jamie is committed to ongoing training and has dedicated over 10,000 hours to training specific to this topic. This combined with their direct experience and successful implementation of programs in the United States and internationally make them a subject matter expert. Jamie’s goals are always related to finding organizational success that is tied directly to the Mission of the department. To do that, there needs to be a clear mission and goals to help team members remain focused, purposeful and help bring strong organizational cultures.

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