Frequently Asked Questions – Live On-Line STC Approved Trainings

    1. Q: Has STC approved this training platform?
      A: Yes. STC approved ICT’s Live On-Line Training Program on Monday, March 17,2020.
    2. Q: Who will teach these courses?
      A: Jamie teaches all ICT courses whether in person or live on-line as of early 2019. You will receive the same course curriculum and exceptional quality trainings which you are accustomed to. The title and STC certification number of the course will remain the same for live on-line courses.
    3. Q: What if our sworn or professional staff do not have “take home” computers?
      A: Officers and professional staff can take the course from their duty desk computer or another on-site department computer as assigned or utilize their  personal computer. This will require WIFI access.
    4. Q: What do we need to do to facilitate the course in terms of IT support?
      A: Simply ensure that the computer or laptop is compatible and there is a WIFI connection. We will send out instructions to all registered students and will open the Zoom classroom 30 minutes prior to training so the participants can test audio and video equipment prior to class.
    5. Q: How will we know staff attended?
      A: ICT’s courses comply with the training regulations put forth by the California
      Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, the Corrections Standards Authority, and Standards & Training for Corrections. Therefore, we will maintain course records per current standards and submit copies of rosters and evaluations to departments within one week following the training events.
    6. Q: What about training materials?
      A: Once registered, the department will provide the email address, name and rank of the student to ICT. We will email the training materials, and handouts to the training manager who will send that information to each participant. This method is very simple.
    7. Q: Can participants use a cell phone for the class?
      A: Unfortunately, cell phone use is strictly prohibited. Laptops, desktops or tablets and a WIFI connection are required.
    8. Q: Following the course, when can we expect to receive documentation?
      A: ICT will make every effort to fax, email or mail the completed course roster and evaluation form within one week of completion of the course.
    9. Q: How many students are needed to schedule a course?
      A: The minimum number of students required for a single course is 20. If you are a small county with staffing or fiscal restrictions, please contact Jamie directly. We are happy to talk with you about your specific needs.

      As has always been our policy, smaller departments are free to combine students from two or more departments or work with other, larger departments when one or two staff need to attend training. This is always at the discretion of the larger department.

    10. Q: How will we ensure Academic Integrity?
      A: An Academic Integrity Policy has been developed and each student will be
      required to read and agree to this policy.
    11. Q: What courses can we choose from in the catalog?
      A: All the courses are available for this program except the instructor development and the organizational development courses.
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