Relevant, Real Time STC Certified Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Curriculum

    AB 2504: LGBT+ Training for Law Enforcement Professionals

    Unpacking Microaggressions – Small Things, Big Impact

    Allyship in the Workplace

    Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to Understand Implicit Bias

    Cultural Competence: Creating Respectful Cross-Cultural Environments

    Generational Diversity

    Island Consulting & Training
    Global Diversity and Inclusion Statement

    Diversity, inclusion, and culturally competent service are defining characteristics of our business practices and our training program. We are proud to offer training which fosters a culture of inclusion and cultural competency within law enforcement.

    Experienced. Supportive. Real.

    Our success supports our 30-year, active commitment to advancing diversity as a proven catalyst of growth and progress – for everyone.

    At Island Consulting and Training (ICT), we work to create and support equitable and inclusive cultures where we all have the opportunity to reach our fullest potential. We know that excellence and the best ideas come from the thoughts and experiences of diverse groups of people; working together.

    A culture of inclusion celebrates diversity and equality.

    Inclusion means we are all comfortable to contribute, discover and be our authentic selves at work, at play, everywhere, anywhere, 24/7.

    The breadth of background, direct experience, education, training, and mission of ICT supports our commitment to celebrating diversity. We know that inclusion is as a proven catalyst of personal, professional and economic growth and success.

    At ICT, we bring the unique strength of living, working and playing in global settings with individuals and groups from many different stations of life, ethnicities, abilities, classes, ages, backgrounds, languages, cultures, genders, families, sexual orientations, philosophical beliefs and identities. Our understanding of intersectionality informs us that we all walk in many of these worlds. We cannot live, much less thrive separately from one another. We are complex beings as individuals and that complexity is interwoven within the worlds we choose to walk in.

    ​And, if you are reading this, that means you.​

    Instructor Specialty: Jamie has led 100+ seminars for law enforcement and other groups that address DEI issues directly related to current events in the USA. Jamie brings a very special lens as they are a retired peace officer and have worked with 50 counties and studied the wide ranging cultures within law enforcement around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Jamie is able to navigate within all of these environments and tailor their message to their specific audience.

    Jamie has studied issues of diversity and inclusion their entire life. Jamie’s father was a race relations officer for the United States Navy and wrote the curriculum for integration under President Nixon. Jamie has hundreds of hours of training, specific to these issues and spent a year in an intensive Non-Violent Communication (the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg) program in Oakland, CA working with many diverse and divergent groups. They have also studied under Roxy Manning, Ph.D, and others; most recently, in 2022, during an International Non-Violent Communication Seminar.

    Jamie’s work in this capacity exposed them to many of the ways humans express their personal identity. Jamie also learned about the deep complexity of the human-being and how our basic human needs for equality and respect impact our actions. Jamie came to understand that only through a lens of intersectionality, can our goals of healthy, inclusive workplace environments for all be met. Jamie’s study and personal experience bring the “human” factor to these courses.

    Ms. Cotton recently completed specialized LGBT+ training and created the curriculum for ICT’s AB2504 course.

    Together, Jamie and Ms. Cotton are committed to assisting departments in providing a safe place for all to work and be. ICT training looks to the basics of human dignity as a map to meet the common goals and mandates of the State of California regarding this topic.

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