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    … I attended [two of] your [live on-line] classes this week. … your classes were the most significant and informative classes I’ve attended since being employed as a JIO in my 21 year career. Thank you. … Thanks again, GREAT CLASSES!! Keep up the good and Meaningful work.

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    Island Consulting & Training is providing Live On-Line STC Approved Training.

    Continue meeting STC and departmental training requirements in a seamless manner while complying with CDC recommendations.

    … I had the pleasure of being in two of the Zoom (Live On-Line) trainings this week (Addictionology and Emotional Intelligence: Trauma and Resiliency). The Instructor, Jamie Wolf, was awesome. Jamie was insightful, fun, attentive, patient, and very encouraging and for us first timers of Zoom; they made us feel right at home. … they make learning enjoyable. Big Time Kudos

    History: Jamie was the STC training manager and lead trainer for a department of 600. This provided them with a very clear picture of what may be happening for training managers. Furthermore, Jamie was the training manager and President of Southern Counties Training Association (SCTA) when law enforcement lost STC funding. Jamie led teams that created and implemented new systems to meet those requirements. Jamie’s department wanted to ensure that all officers were properly trained, and they were committed to meeting legal requirements under best practices. Both of those missions were accomplished, and Jamie’s team was recognized by the BOC (now BSCC) for innovation during that challenging time.

    Currently, ICT can be of assistance in several key ways during this pandemic.

    During 2019, Jamie invested $170,000 in a new “civilian centered” on-line training and consulting business. That business is thriving and has been active for approximately one year. Jamie presently leads live on-line seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions, meetings and has experienced great success with this new live on-line classroom experience. Because of this, ICT was ready to begin facilitating STC training immediately via the ZOOM platform when the pandemic began.

    STC Requirements: Jamie has worked directly with STC to ensure that ICT meets all BSCC requirements while utilizing this new platform. We are very happy to announce that STC approved ICT’s live on-line classroom program. Therefore, you will be able to meet your training requirements AND meet the Center for Disease Control social distancing precautions simultaneously. Officers can use a laptop or desktop computer and take a four or eight-hour STC course from the comfort and safety of their home or office desk. Computer labs with WIFI connection can also be utilized in compliance with CDC social distancing recommendations.

    ICT tracks attendance and verifies participation as Jamie personally teaches each course via ZOOM. Best practices for adult learning are always at the center of ICT’s curriculum.

    Adjusting In-Person Events. Impacted trainings, seminars and meetings have been re-designed for a virtual audience and large in person events have been rescheduled. ICT is prepared to utilize alternative training options for one year pursuant to current medical opinions regarding the spread of the virus. ICT is investing in more infrastructure and has hired an additional team member, dedicated to I.T. This brings our team of exceptional professionals, committed to exceeding your expectations to six.

    Alternative Training Options. Effective immediately, we are providing alternative training options for most of the courses we offer in our catalog so that your training program can proceed seamlessly.

    Departments have experienced seamless transition of training by simply changing the training platform from in-person to live on-line. To schedule courses, simply contact us at and we will take it from there.

    Please note that our catalog is a living document. Please check back from time to time and if there is a course you do not see, please ask us. We are presently developing new training to meet State requirements and have announced those courses on our website and in the catalog.

    ICT Assistance. We are happy to assist you in exploring alternatives. Our Professional Services Team is prepared and willing to help you best utilize technology to sustain your training program during this uncertain time.

    Let us exceed your expectations!

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